• 2023 Grants

    The Bonham Education Foundation is pleased to award the following grants in the fall 2023 semester:

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  • North Texas Giving Day 2018

    Thank you to our 10 donors who collectively gave $1,548 for our first ever North Texas Giving Day! These gifts will help provide scholarships for seniors, grants for teachers and more! We are thrilled that 144 donors gave $24,414 to 9 nonprofits in Fannin County and that more than $48 million was raised overall for…

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  • 2018 Texas Scholars

    Congratulations to the Bonham High School seniors who earned Texas Scholar recognition in 2018: Cody Bowen Blake Bowser Jacob Campbell Wyatt Dolberry Mackenzie Dolberry Cody Easley Lisann Fernandez Juan Garcia Alex Hinojos Adrian Ibarra Lordes Jaimes Callie Johnson Cecilia Jbera Will Lacy Alex Mitchell Ryan Murray Skyler Nichols Jesse Padilla Alex Passanisi Alene Ramirez Lauren…

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  • Grants Awarded 2017

    The Board of the Bonham Education Foundation was pleased to grant the following awards for academic enrichment in Bonham ISD in the spring of 2017: $1,000 to Finley-Oates for Nessy Reading $324 to Finley-Oates for Kindergarten Museum Field Trip-Harber $500 to IW Evans for 4th Grade Field Trip to the Rough Rider $150 to IW…

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  • 2017 Texas Scholars

    Congratulations to the Texas Scholar seniors of 2017! Ali Chaghani Ruth Gainzar Asia Givens Corey Hartwell Logan Kirkpatrick Megan Leftrick Brandon Miller Brady Nichols Cole Owens Jett Peeler Madison Sacco Austin Simmerman Alayna Speck Kaylen Sulley Kade Trompler

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  • 2016 Texas Scholars

    Congratulations to the Texas Scholar seniors for 2016! Angel Aguilera Alexis Besch Rachel Campbell Brittania Hernandez Cole Johnson Tad Kissling Tyce Kissling Alexis Orsak Erika Porter Katy Porter Ashley Ramirez David Williamson Austin Wilson Ashley Woodruff

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  • Grants Awarded 2016-2017

    Each fall, all employees with Bonham Independent School District are invited to submit a grant request to the Bonham Education Foundation for special projects or needs to benefit their students.  The Board reviews all grant proposals and selects the winners. The board was pleased to award 9 grants totaling $5,474 during the 2016-2017 school year.…

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  • Grants Awarded for 2015-2016

    The Bonham Education Foundation is pleased to announce that 11 grants totaling $5,000 have been awarded for the 2015-2016 school year for academic enrichment.  The funded projects include: $587 to Bailey-Inglish for Tricycles for Trike Path $275 towards Kindergarten Field Trips (Finley Oates) $500 toward First Grade Field Trip to Stephen Fite Concert (Finley Oates)…

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  • 2015 Texas Scholars

    Congratulations to the 2015 Texas Scholars at Bonham High School.  The Bonham Education Foundation was pleased to be able to honor the Seniors who earned Texas Scholars recognition at a special luncheon in their honor and present them each a medal to wear during their graduation ceremony. 2015 Texas Scholars: Cheyenne Abbott Alexis Anderson Edna…

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  • Academic Excellence 2014

    On November 17, 2014, the Bonham Education Foundation was pleased to award Academic Excellence Awards to students at Bonham High School who maintained a 4.0 grade point average for the previous year. Congratulations to the following students: Class of 2015 Abbott, Jennifer Adams, Colton Anderson, Alexis Book, Tyler Butcher, Nathan Cruz Mata, Edna Cryst, Breanna…

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