Grants Awarded for 2015-2016

The Bonham Education Foundation is pleased to announce that 11 grants totaling $5,000 have been awarded for the 2015-2016 school year for academic enrichment.  The funded projects include:

  • $587 to Bailey-Inglish for Tricycles for Trike Path
  • $275 towards Kindergarten Field Trips (Finley Oates)
  • $500 toward First Grade Field Trip to Stephen Fite Concert (Finley Oates)
  • $500 towards Second Grade Field Trip to go see a theatrical production of Beauty and the Beast (Finley Oates)
  • $500 towards the Third Grade Field Trip to learn about the solar system (Finley Oates)
  • $327 for Smart Music for band students in Seventh and Eighth Grade (LH Rather Junior High)
  • $150 for supplies for the Lifeskills Pillow Project (Special Education – LH Rather Junior High)
  • $946 for shop class equipment (LH Rather Junior High)
  • $215 towards AP exam fees for Calculus and Statistics (Bonham High School)
  • $1000 for acoustic panels for the Kiva to improve sound quality for the theater department (Bonham High School)