2015 Texas Scholars

Congratulations to the 2015 Texas Scholars at Bonham High School.  The Bonham Education Foundation was pleased to be able to honor the Seniors who earned Texas Scholars recognition at a special luncheon in their honor and present them each a medal to wear during their graduation ceremony.

2015 Texas Scholars:
Cheyenne Abbott
Alexis Anderson
Edna Cruz Mata
Breanna Cryst
Madeline Dolberry
Allison Foster
Eliud Gonzalez
Marco Hernandez
Kasi Holcomb-Webb
Kaylie Knipe
Daniel Loredo Galicia
Jacy Martin
Karli McKelva
Hannah Monroe
Jae Park
Logan Rattan
Audra Romans
Angelica Smith
Clay Stephens
Kelsey Watkins
Madeline Wells